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My Approach

I help businesses tap into the power and influence of their own staff to achieve a common goal.

You may already have a business strategy, or perhaps you want to develop one. That’s my starting point.

My work pivots on the dialect – or language, if you like – of your staff. Working in silos, unhealthy relationships and toxic work cultures can create bottlenecks in businesses keen to achieve their strategic goals.

Often what you see is a symptom of the cause.

A lot of my work is picking up on the eddies that float around and don’t see the light of day. A disgruntled staff member might have said “we’ve tried that 10 times already” and they’ve reached the point where they no longer speak up about the issues.

Through confidential one-on-one sessions or group work, I’ll get your staff to start talking to each other on the same page. It’s about them reaching a consensus about what they need to do - and do it - to make your goals happen.

I’ve seen how personal empowerment can impact team cohesion. I understand the dynamics of power and politics in the business environment. My diverse background includes:

  • business interpretation services
  • high-level board secretariat
  • executive management positions
  • project management, and
  • strategic planning

Through these strengths, I can cut through to the chase to get your staff talking – and working on – your business strategy.

Let’s talk about the talk of your business.

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